City Of Industry – “The Body Is A Faithless, Fleeting Friend”

City Of Industry – “The Body Is A Faithless, Fleeting Friend”

City Of Industry work fast. The Seattle hardcore trio has only been a band since 2017, and they’ve already released two albums, with a third on the way. Today, the band announced the new album False Flowers, their follow-up to last year’s Conspire Conspire Conspire, and they shared a motherfucker of a new single.

City Of Industry’s sound is a wracked, intense take on metallic hardcore; they’re the kind of band that would’ve fit just fine alongside Converge or Integrity on a late-’90s bill. But they’re not fundamentalists, and they also take inspiration from a few generations of scuzzy noise-rock. You can hear that in their new track “The Body Is A Faithless, Fleeting Friend,” a song about finding some relief in your own mortality. It’s a nasty trudge of a song with some truly abrasive riffage and a bass tone that makes me want to take a shower. Anyone on the classic Amphetamine Reptile roster would’ve been proud to come out with a song this grimy. Listen below.

While you’re at it, check out the ferocious 7″ that City Of Industry released earlier this year, featuring the short and guttural original “I Digress” alongside a cover of the Pixies classic “Gouge Away“:

False Flowers is out 12/4, and you can pre-order it at Bandcamp.

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