Tomberlin – “Hours (Katie Dey Remix)”

Tomberlin – “Hours (Katie Dey Remix)”

Tomberlin’s Projections was one of the best EPs of 2020; Katie Dey released two great albums this year, mydata and Magic Fire Brain (with Devi McCallion), both of which were Albums Of The Week. Today, the two have joined forces as Dey remixes Tomberlin’s Projections track “Hours,” building it up into a throbbing but understated dance number.

Here’s Tomberlin’s statement about the pairing:

katie is truly a magic music maker. the first time i heard her music i was blown away. there wasn’t really much about her online, but somehow we connected online (probably twitter) and hit it off. i was just starting to make my own music as she was putting her stuff out and it is sweet to see how much brilliant work she’s put out just in the last few years already. i always bring her up to people when they ask what i’m listening to because i am always listening to her and not enough people know about her. i really do think she is doing something that only she can do and that is magic to me. please enjoy this remix that gives me sad gay cowboy vibes but you’re dancing it out etc. katie dey forever and ever amen.

Check it out below.

And here’s another recent “Hours” remix by Draag Me, the project of Spirit Of The Beehive’s Zack Schwartz:

Tomberlin’s Projections EP is out now via Saddle Creek.

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