Cassandra Jenkins – “Michelangelo”

Cassandra Jenkins – “Michelangelo”

Cassandra Jenkins has played in a ton of bands over the last few years; she’s performed with the likes of Eleanor Friedberger, Craig Finn, and Lola Kirke, and she was set to tour as part of Purple Mountains before David Berman’s death. She also releases music on her own. Her debut album, Play Til You Win, came out back in 2017, and today she’s announcing its follow-up, called An Overview On Phenomenal Nature, which she worked on with the always busy Josh Kaufman, who we just talked to about his many collaborations.

The first track Jenkins is sharing from the album is called “Michelangelo,” and it’s a slow-simmer folk swirl that cycles through poignant imagery as Jenkins tries to find steady ground. “I’m Michelangelo/ And I carve myself out of marble/ When I don’t know how to grow/ Flowers out of arrows,” she sings in its closing lines. “I’m a three-legged dog/ Looking for what I lost.”

Check it out below.

01 “Michelangelo”
02 “New Bikini”
03 “Hard Drive”
04 “Crosshairs”
05 “Ambiguous Norway”
06 “Hailey”
07 “The Ramble”

An Overview On Phenomenal Nature is out 2/19 via Ba Da Bing.

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