Dead Kennedys Would Like To Thank Mitt Romney And Lindsey Graham

Dead Kennedys Would Like To Thank Mitt Romney And Lindsey Graham

Yesterday was bad! Pretty much the entire world ground to a halt yesterday afternoon to witness the strange, infuriating spectacle of mobs of right-wing psychos invading the Capitol in an attempt to stop Congress from certifying the results of the presidential election. Capitol police seemingly stood by and watched it happen. Certain prominent indie rockers may or may not have been among the mass of Trump supporters. And now we’ve got the once-legendary leftist punk band Dead Kennedys out here praising Republican senators Mitt Romney and Lindsey Graham on Twitter.

Yesterday, a whole lot of people noticed that the Twitter account of the Dead Kennedys, the once-legendary leftist punk band, had said some nice things about Mitt Romney and Lindsey Graham, two of the many Republican senators who condemned yesterday’s rioting. It was a far cry from “Let’s Lynch The Landlord.”

We should put some caveats in place here. The current version of the Dead Kennedys does not include Jello Biafra, the man who led the band from their 1978 formation to their 1986 breakup. Biafra’s former bandmates won the rights to the Dead Kennedys name from Biafra in the early ’00s, and a guy named Ron “Skip” Greer has been the band’s singer since 2008. Biafra saw the pro-Romney tweet, and he was not happy about it.

On a stressful day, though, the idea of a pro-Romney Dead Kennedys at least gave some people a chance to make some jokes. That’s nice.

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