Lael Neale – “Blue Vein”

Lael Neale – “Blue Vein”

Over the past few months, Lael Neale has been sharing some tracks — “Every Star Shivers In The Dark” and “For No One For Now” — from her new home at Sub Pop. Today she’s announcing her first album with them, Acquainted With Night, which will be out next month.

Neale is also sharing a new song, “Blue Vein,” the opening track from her album. It’s lilting and subtle, a contemplative track about the way history courses through our body. “Now it’s easier said when it comes from my head, but the needle of truth gives the blood that I let,” she sings on it. “And we’re born with a blue vein, born to the song, born just to grow wings then to take off/ I’m gonna fly.”

Check it out below.

01 “Blue Vein”
02 “Every Star Shivers In The Dark”
03 “Acquainted With Night”
04 “White Wings”
05 “How Far Is It To The Grave”
06 “For No One For Now”
07 “Sliding Doors & Warm Summer Roses”
08 “Third Floor Window”
09 “Let Me Live By The Side Of The Road”
10 “Some Sunny Day”

Acquainted With Night is out 2/19 via Sub Pop. Pre-order it here.

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