Lael Neale – “For No One For Now”

Lael Neale – “For No One For Now”

Although Lael Neale has been based in LA for a decade, she returned home to the family farm in Virginia this year when the pandemic set in. That didn’t stop her from signing to Sub Pop, with plans for an album next year. Neale impressed us with “Every Star Shivers In The Dark,” her first song for the vaunted Seattle label. Today she’s back with another new track, the entrancing “For No One For Now.”

Like Neale’s prior single, this one is minimal and reflective while maintaining a strong backbeat. But rather than build to a cathartic breakthrough, “For No One For Now” lingers in the unresolved tension, less a song than an atmosphere to exist inside. “It’s a new day, but I’m making toast in my kitchen,” she sings, “for no one for now.” In a press release, Neale offers this oblique commentary on the song: “I’ve always loved these stretches of road where the magic of the city seems hemmed in by the mundane.”

Watch her self-directed “No One For Now” video below.

“No One For Now” is out now on Sub Pop.

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