Watch Adrianne Lenker Play A Lovely Version Of “anything” on Colbert

Watch Adrianne Lenker Play A Lovely Version Of “anything” on Colbert

Over the past few years, Big Thief have given some truly memorable performances on late-night TV. In the quarantine era, without the rest of her band with her, Big Thief leader Adrianne Lenker can’t possibly hope to conjure the same level of focus and chemistry. But Lenker, who released the solo quarantine albums songs and instrumentals last year, knows how to give a TV performance that puts her in the best possible light, figuratively and literally.

A couple of months ago, Lenker played a quick set for NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts series while parked in a trailer at Joshua Tree. That was cool. Last night, Lenker was the musical guest on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show, and it was even cooler. Lenker gave her Colbert performance outside. She may have recorded that one at Joshua Tree again; in any case, it’s some kind of sandy landscape.

Lenker played the songs single “anything” solo-acoustic, with one microphone picking up both her voice and guitar. It looks like she recorded the performance at sunrise, with the rays hitting her and her guitar just right. It’s a pretty piece of music and of filmmaking. Watch it below.

songs and instrumentals are both out now on 4AD.

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