The Weeknd’s Nickname Is “Diapers”

The Weeknd’s Nickname Is “Diapers”

Popular singing guy the Weeknd is the subject of a new Billboard cover story. Considering that the Weeknd has lately been reaching new levels of singing-guy popularity, he and Billboard have much to discuss: The phenomenal success of his 2020 album After Hours, his upcoming gig at the Super Bowl Halftime Show, his anger over getting no Grammy nominations. But in the interview, the Weeknd said something that was destined to overshadow anything else that he might possibly had to say. He mentioned that people in his entourage have given him the nickname “Diapers.”

Here’s the key passage:

They call me “Diapers” because I always change my mind. La Mar [Taylor, creative director of the Weeknd’s XO label] keeps me on track, for example, with music videos and keeping a [consistent] body of visual work. I have a knack to be like, “I want to do something else. I want to look different. I want to drop more music.” They’re there to be like, “Let’s just keep this focused.”

So, to recap: The Weeknd’s nickname is “Diapers” because he changes his mind a lot. That doesn’t make any sense! Babies frequently have their diapers changed for them, but this process has very little in common with the changing whims of a popular singing guy. If your friends have given you a nickname like “Diapers,” there is probably more going on than the simple reality that you often change your mind. There might be a deeper story. Maybe something happened. Or maybe it’s just that many of your ideas are… shitty?

In any case, Diapers will headline the Super Bowl Halftime Show 2/7. You can read the Billboard cover story on Diapers here and order Diapers’ new greatest hits album The Highlights here.

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