Grimes Answers Questions About New Album, Parenting, Going To Mars

Grimes Answers Questions About New Album, Parenting, Going To Mars

Grimes has been busy online in the last 24 hours or so. In the middle of the night, she was tweeting poetry about cryptocurrency and GameStop stock and replying to her followers, which led to the revelation that — when not recovering from a broken arm and COVID-19 or hanging with baby X Æ A-Xii — she’s been finishing the follow-up to last year’s Miss Anthropocene and working on the visuals. (Take the word “finishing” with a grain of salt considering how protracted her last album rollout was.) In her Instagram story, she also shared images of herself giving the baby a “Viking” haircut inspired by Netflix’s The Last Kingdom.

Then, this afternoon she took to YouTube for even more fan Q&A. Ostensibly the chat was about her AI lullaby, but it ended up covering a wide range of subjects. A partial rundown:

  • Regarding the new LP, she claims to be finishing vocals and mixes and “MAYBE TRYING TO MAKE ANOTHER SONG.” She hopes she can have new music out within two months, but isn’t sure due to business complications and uncertainty about making videos during COVID. When asked which lyrics she’s most proud of, she replied, “MY WHOLE NEW ALBUM.”
  • She’d be willing to travel to Mars after age 50 and has asked boyfriend Elon Musk to upload her consciousness to an artificial body before he’s allowed to leave for the Red Planet. If she ever does make it to Mars, she expects to spend the rest of her life doing manual labor “BUT HOPEFULLY THAT CAN CHANGE.”
  • She enjoys parenting more than she expected, but isn’t a fan of the word “parenting,” and the night baby X had croup “WAS RLY SCARY AND GAVE ME PROFOUND CONNECTION TO TRAUMA OF HUMAN EXPERIENCE AROUND LOSING CHILDREN.”
  • She “just did a lot of work with Illangelo,” who is a “genius,” and she started a project with Caroline Polachek: “CAROLINE AND I HAVE STARTED A THING BUT SHES RLY GOOD AT MUSIC AND ITS DAMNED COMPLEX! IM LIKE WTF IS THIS.”
  • She responded positively to the idea of collaborating with Travis Scott, Dua Lipa, Jazmin Bean, or Doja Cat (“SHE’S MY FAAVOURITE”).
    She is working on a book focused on “AI, THE FUTURE OF EXISTENCE, LOVE, WAR, POWER.”

  • Marilyn Manson was her favorite artist growing up, but after seeing Evan Rachel Wood’s testimony about his alleged abuse, she is “NOW V CONFLICTED. LOTS OF THOUGHTS.” Similarly, regarding the late XXXTentacion: “I THINK HE WAS RLY RLY TALENTED. OBVIOUSLY A COMPLEX SITUATION BUT I ADMIT TO LISTENING TO HIM A LOT.”
  • Her favorite album of 2020 was Sin Miedo by Kali Uchis, and she’s nearly as enthusiastic about Corpse Husband.
  • Her favorite TV drama right now is the aforementioned The Last Kingdom.
  • Her favorite movie right now is Tenet (“DON’T @ ME”), and she’s hoping Dune will have a similar soundtrack.
  • Her favorite anime right now is Kakegurui.
  • When asked if streaming is more helpful or harmful to the music industry, she replied, “HELPFUL.”
  • Regarding politics, she is not in favor of communism because she believes it wouldn’t work without a police state because “FREEDOM AND EQUALITY ARE A SPECTRUM AND ARE ON OPPOSITE SIDES. I AM AGAINST POLICING GENERALLY.” However, she does support a universal basic income, which she says can be funded by replacing jobs with AI and taxing those jobs.
  • Despite previously trashing her 2015 masterwork Art Angels, she now affirms, “ITS FUCKING FIRE AND PPL NEED TO STOP TRYING TO TURN IT INTO DRAMA. THE PPL WHO KEEP TRYING TO CANCEL ME R ANNOYING HAHA.”

There’s more talk about AI, anime, Dune, etc. The full chat is archived here.

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