Saintseneca – “All You’ve Got Is Everyone”

Saintseneca – “All You’ve Got Is Everyone”

Saintseneca haven’t released any new music since “Winter Breaking” in December 2019, and they haven’t dropped an album since 2018’s Pillar Of Na. Who knows when they’ll unveil a new LP, but the Columbus folk-punk band does have a fresh single for the world today.

“All You’ve Got Is Everyone” apparently began as an attempt to expand Saintseneca’s canon of Christmas music, but inspiration steered Zac Little elsewhere. As he explains in a statement, “I wanted to write a Christmas song, but it didn’t feel right this time. So I thought about old new years and made a Valentine. I miss everyone, and I figure a song is kind of like a little tent. A place in space and time — you can pack it up and take it with you, get it out when you need it, and I like to imagine being together inside.”

At five and a half shapeshifting minutes, this particular song-tent is spacious. Step inside below.

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