Fat Ray – “Dopeman Heaven” (Feat. Danny Brown)

Fat Ray – “Dopeman Heaven” (Feat. Danny Brown)

Danny Brown has been shouting out his Bruiser Brigade crew on record for more than a decade, but he’s only just gotten things going with his Bruiser Brigade label. He’s making up for lost time. Last month, Bruiser Brigade launched with the release of GOD GOKU JAY-Z, the new album from the Detroit rapper and producer J.U.S. It was really good. Less than a month later, we’ve got our second Bruiser Brigade release, and it’s a full album from Fat Ray, another veteran of the Detroit underground. It’s really good, too.

Fat Ray, who’s been making music for a long time and who released an album called Perseus in 2018, made most of Santa Barbara with producer Raphy. Fat Ray has a heavy, serious voice but a conversational delivery — a classic Detroit combination. He’s got the ability to deliver intricately worded punchlines like he’s just idly talking shit on a Wednesday afternoon. For the track “Dopeman Heaven,” Fat Ray teams up with Danny Brown, who matches his unhurried style. The two go in over an easy, loping beat from Detroit producer Black Milk, who’s worked with both rappers plenty of times in the past. Check the song out below.

And here’s Fat Ray’s video for the album track “The One”:

Really, though, the whole album is well worth your time and attention. (Danny Brown agrees.) Stream it below.

Santa Barbara is out now on Bruiser Brigade.

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