God’s Hate – “Be Harder”

God’s Hate – “Be Harder”

Brody King is a scary guy: A massive, towering pro wrestler with a huge beard and a body full of tattoos. He’s part of a new breed of wrestler — huge enough to be physically intimidating but agile enough to throw his body heedlessly around a ring. Right now, Lee’s career is thriving. Last year, he wrestled in the main event of Final Battle, the Ring Of Honor promotion’s biggest annual show. (He lost to the luchadore Rush.) Thanks to his busy career, King hasn’t had a whole lot of time to devote to God’s Hate, the brutalist metallic hardcore band that he fronts. But I guess a schedule just opened up. God’s Hate are coming out blasting.

God’s Hate — based in Van Nuys and also featuring members of bands like Twitching Tongues and Constrict — have been relatively quiet in recent years. They released the Divine Injustice EP in 2014 and the album Mass Murder in 2016. In the past five years, God’s Hate haven’t released any music, though King has lent his considerable bellow to tracks like Judiciary’s “Temple.” The problem was that he couldn’t really play hardcore shows and maintain his wrestling schedule at the same time. But with shows — both music and wrestling — not really happening now, King and God’s Hate have made a new self-titled album. Its first single is a motherfucker.

God’s Hate recorded their new album with producer Taylor Young, the former Nails member who also plays in Twitching Tongues with his brother Colin, God’s Hate co-founder. Taylor Young is quickly becoming one of the best hardcore producers out there; he’s recorded monstrous recent records for bands like Drain and Regional Justice Center. For God’s Hate, Taylor isn’t just producing; he’s also become a member of the band, playing lead guitar. First single “Be Harder” is a tremendous ignorant crusher of a song that’s built some wise words: “Life is hard. Be harder.” Listen below.

God’s Hate is out 3/12 on Closed Casket Activities. That cover art is incredible. I am seriously debating dropping $50 on this hoodie.

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