Drakeo The Ruler – “Talk To Me” (Feat. Drake)

Drakeo The Ruler – “Talk To Me” (Feat. Drake)

Even when breakout LA rap star Drakeo The Ruler’s life was derailed by years in prison awaiting questionable charges, he kept releasing music from the can. He’s continued to be prolific since his release last November, releasing a new mixtape called We Know The Truth less than a month later. And he’s got another one called The Truth Hurts dropping next week.

This latest release is more of a guest-heavy offering, including the biggest star to collab with Drakeo to date. Yes, Drake and Drakeo have finally connected. At first, the two rappers don’t seem to have much in common beyond similar names. Even Drakeo was skeptical that they could jibe with each other. But “Talk To Me,” their song together for The Truth Hurts, works wonders. Drake is in swaggering pop mode, while Drakeo stays in the cut muttering hard street talk as usual. It’s not hard to imagine this getting radio play.

Drake apparently sent the unfinished song to Drakeo’s team while he was in prison. Here’s Drakeo telling Zane Lowe about it:

When I was in jail, I was supposed to do something already. Everybody was telling me, but I had got my privileges taken. They was telling me he had something for me, but I’m like, “Whatever, bro.” I got out of jail and my engineer was like, “Why you don’t follow Drake?” I’m like, “He don’t follow me, bro.” Then I looked, and I’m like, “Oh yeah.” So I hit him up, I’m like, “Let’s do something.” And then he’s like, “What’s your number? I got this song I did for you.” And then it kind of clicked in my head what they was talking about before. I’m like, “Dang.” At first, I was like, “That’s kind of different, but I’m like, nah. This Drake. I’m finna do whatever.” But at first, I’m like I don’t usually really do something like that. But then when I got on it, I’m like, “Oh yeah, this hard.” I’m just like “Drake bro!” Like all right.

Listen below.

The Truth Hurts is out 3/1.

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