Watch Phoebe Bridgers Talk Pandemic-Era Fame, Grammy Nominations, & John Prine On Seth Meyers

Watch Phoebe Bridgers Talk Pandemic-Era Fame, Grammy Nominations, & John Prine On Seth Meyers

In the past year, Phoebe Bridgers has been on every late-night talk show in America at least once, and usually more than once. In September, for instance, Bridgers did a very cool cinematic single-take performance of “I Know The End” on Late Night With Seth Meyers. This weekend, Bridgers is up for four Grammys, and she’s definitely one of the big stories going into the show. So she’s still on the late-night circuit! Last night, Bridgers returned to Seth Meyers’ show — this time for an interview, not a performance. (She’s probably run out of Punisher songs to perform at this point anyway.)

Bridgers has been inescapable all year, and there’s a reason for that. She’s a great songwriter and a charming interview, and she’s managed to become a public figure without being a weirdo about it. Last night, for example, Meyers asked Bridgers a question about how Punisher, recorded before the pandemic, turned out to be “the perfect album for a very hard time.” Bridgers had a good response: “I feel like I’m always having a hard time. I’m terrified of everything, always think the world’s going to end. So I think maybe even if I released my first record right around now, people might think it was about COVID.” Probably true!

Bridgers also talked about how weird it is to be hitting a career pinnacle at a time when everyone is stuck at home. She said nice things about her fellow nominees in the Best Rock Performance category are women, and how she’d probably end up seeing them all out at festival backstage areas in a normal year. And she talked about John Prine. Meyers is a Prine fan, and Bridgers just released her cover of “Summer’s End,” a song she’s played a few times since Prine died last year. Talking to Meyers, Bridgers said that Prine “represents, kind of, the pinnacle of American music to me.” Watch the interview below.

Punisher is out now on Dead Oceans.

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