Stream The Demo From The New Hardcore Supergroup All Due Respect

Stream The Demo From The New Hardcore Supergroup All Due Respect

Is “supergroup” really the appropriate word for a new hardcore band comprised entirely of people from other hardcore bands? Probably not! The hardcore scene isn’t that big, and a lot of people in friends are friends with people in other bands. People in hardcore bands also have a habit of starting new bands, many of which crank out quick demos and then never do anything else again. Still, when you’ve got a new band that features members of truly impressive groups like Restraining Order and Sanction, there’s got to be some kind of term we can use to set them apart.

All Due Respect is a new Northeast hardcore band, and they just released their demo today. Two of the people in the band, bassist Keith Freeman and drummer Will Hirst, are also in Restraining Order, the Massachusetts band whose 2019 album This World Is Too Much stands as a truly great piece of fast, angry ’82-style hardcore. Freeman and Hirst are also in a band called Maniac with All Due Respect singer Brandon Juzba. All Due Respect guitarist Andrew “Lumpy” Wojcik, meanwhile, also plays in Sanction and Out For Justice.

Together, these folks have put together a nasty piece of hard, chest-thumping East Coast hardcore. There’s at least a bit of metal on the All Due Respect demo, but the biggest influence seems to be early-’90s New York hardcore. These tracks are built on locked-in riffs, and they have some serious bounce. The band plays fast, too; the five tracks on the demo blast by in eight minutes. Also, the demo opens with a sample of Clay Davis, the crooked politician from The Wire, saying “sheeeeeeeit,” so that’s fun. Listen below.

The All Due Respect demo is out now on Daze/Streets Of Hate.

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