Stream Bootlicker’s Ferocious Self-Titled Hardcore Punk Debut Album

Stream Bootlicker’s Ferocious Self-Titled Hardcore Punk Debut Album

The Vancouver band Bootlicker’s take on hardcore is deeply rooted in the early ’80s — especially in the simplistically speedy misanthropy of Negative Approach and in the phlegm-drenched D-beat roar of Discharge. But Bootlicker don’t sound like revivalists, mostly because Bootlicker are too fast and angry to be associated with any kind of rose-tinted nostalgia. Instead, their galloping pummel is urgent and ugly and instinctive. They sound like people who make this kind of music because it’s the only kind of music that makes sense to them.

Bootlicker have been putting out music since 2017, and they’ve got a bunch of EPs, including last year’s excellently disgusting How To Love Life. Bootlicker always seemed like a great EP band, since you would think that their speed-addled battering-ram style would get exhausting at album length. Today, though, Bootlicker have released their self-titled full-length debut, and it stomps a lot of ass. Shows what I know.

Bootlicker don’t exactly switch up their style over the course of their album. Instead, they just keep these trash-can temper tantrums coming. Bootlicker has 14 songs, the longest of which lasts for a marathon 121 seconds. The whole thing is exceptionally raw and nasty, and it sounds like what might happen if the hardened slime stuck to the bottom of a dumpster came to life and started making music. Stream the album below.

Bootlicker is out now on Static Shock Records.

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