Non-Johnny Jewel Members Of Chromatics Announce Chromatics Breakup

Non-Johnny Jewel Members Of Chromatics Announce Chromatics Breakup

Ruth Radelet, Adam Miller, and Nat Walker — all the members of Chromatics besides Johnny Jewel — have announced that Chromatics have broken up. “After a long period of reflection, the three of us have made the difficult decision to end Chromatics,” their statement reads. “We would like to thank all of our fans and the friends we have made along the way – we are eternally grateful for your love and support. This has been a truly unforgettable chapter in our lives, and we couldn’t have done it without you. We are very excited for the future, and look forward to sharing our new projects with you soon.”

A representative for Jewel, who is not mentioned in the band’s collective statement, said via email that “Johnny is extremely proud of his work with the project over the years and he’ll continue making music and supporting great art and artists through his label Italians Do It Better.”

Chromatics began in 2001 as Adam Miller’s solo project; the lineup of Miller, Radelet, Jewel, and Walker solidified around 2005. Their most recent album, Closer To Grey, arrived in 2019, after a few years in which the release date for another album, Dear Tommy, was continuously pushed back after first being announced in 2014. Dear Tommy has still not been released, though the band put out a few new singles last year.

The most enduring lineup of Chromatics released three full-length albums together — 2007’s Night Drive, 2012’s Kill For Love, and the aforementioned Closer To Grey — and a whole lot of singles and remixes. Miller’s earlier iteration of the group released two albums, 2003’s Chrome Rats vs. Basement Rutz and 2004’s Plaster Hounds.

UPDATE: Mike Simonetti, the co-founder of Italians Do It Better who left the label in a flurry of controversy back in 2014, has also commented on Twitter. “I have been receiving emails all morning from media people asking for a statement about Chromatics breaking up,” he wrote. “All I have to say is, I’ve known about this for months, and im genuinely happy that they are out of there.”

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