Watch Members Of Nothing, Gouge Away, & More Cover Ink & Dagger’s “Road To Hell”

Watch Members Of Nothing, Gouge Away, & More Cover Ink & Dagger’s “Road To Hell”

You crazy for this one, Two Minutes To Late Night! For the entire pandemic era, the comedian Jordan Olds has been recruiting people from punk and metal bands to cover classic songs. Two weeks ago, for instance, it was members of Mastodon, High On Fire, and Yob doing Mountain’s “Never In My Life.” In the series’ latest Halloween-special edition, Two Minutes To Late Night digs deep and takes on Philadelphia hardcore cult heroes Ink & Dagger.

Ink & Dagger only lasted for a few years in the late ’90s, and they only released two albums, one of which came out after the band’s breakup. But in their limited time, that band made an impression. Ink & Dagger played dark, heavy, atmospheric hardcore, and they played famously insane shows. The band had a vague vampire theme; they played in the dark while wearing makeup. In his pre-comedy life, Eric Wareheim spent a while as the band’s bassist. Shortly after Ink & Dagger broke up in 1999, singer Sean Patrick McCabe was found dead in an Indiana hotel room. Since then, there have been a few Ink & Dagger reunion shows, with Thursday’s Geoff Rickly standing in as frontman.

For the Two Minutes To Late Night tribute, Jordan Olds sings and plays guitar on a version of “Road To Hell,” from the band’s 1997 EP Drive This Seven Inch Wooden Stake Through My Philadelphia Heart. Jay Webster, from the difficult-to-categorize band UnityTX, also sings lead, and he wears a druid robe. The bassist is Aaron Heard, who plays in Nothing and who also leads Jesus Piece and Action News. Keith Barney, from fellow makeup-rocking late-’90s hardcore band Eighteen Visions, plays guitar. Thomas Cantwell, of Gouge Away and Hesitation Wounds, plays drums.

This is probably one of those rare instances where the cover is better than the original. The video is also full of clips of iconic vampire moments: The swimming-pool scene from Let The Right One In, the blood-rave from Blade, the Twilight baseball game, Bill Paxton in the bar in Near Dark, the Brood’s Monday Night Raw entrance. Check it out the cover and the Ink & Dagger original below.

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