Lael Neale – “Hotline”

Lael Neale – “Hotline”

Last year, the Los Angeles-based musician Lael Neale released Acquainted With Night, her first full-length for Sub Pop. Today, she’s back with a new single, the gentle and hypnotic “Hotline.” Fittingly, Neale has launched her own hotline at 858-224-3129, which will be active today only from noon through 5PM EST.

“I became interested in numerology through John Lennon and his belief in the significance of numbers, specifically the number nine,” Neale said in a statement. “Because this song imagines a late night call of desperation into a psychic hotline, I thought it’d be fun to act as that ‘psychic’ and connect with people directly, giving them a personalized fortune for this year based on their unique numerology.” Listen below.

“Hotline” is out now via Sub Pop.

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