Battle Ave – “Leo” (Feat. Laura Stevenson) & “Maya”

Battle Ave – “Leo” (Feat. Laura Stevenson) & “Maya”

Hudson Valley-based dream-pop band Battle Ave returned from a six-year hiatus last year with a new self-titled EP. And today, they’re announcing I Saw The Egg, the proper full-length follow-up to 2015’s Year Of Nod. Although one song was written 16 years ago, the majority of the album’s tracks were recorded live over just three days with producer Kevin McMahon, who worked with the band on their previous albums.

“Our bassist John orchestrated some MIDI string parts, Sammi deconstructed her drum set and spent hours just slamming on different drums to create additional percussion, and Kevin has this MIDI controller he built that looks like a tower of junk — a 6 foot tall pillar of plastic tubes, scrap metal, and wires he named Sheila — that he smacks the hell out of to produce those washed out, distorted percussive sounds you hear all over the album,” Doherty says in a statement.

Today, Battle Ave are sharing two singles from the album, “Maya” and “Leo,” the latter of which features Laura Stevenson as a guest vocalist. Listen to both songs below.

01 “ring”
02 “temple”
03 “fool”
04 “core”
05 “nite lite”
06 “i saw the egg”
07 “maya”
08 “s w i s h”
09 “leo”
10 “tether”
11 “tower”

I Saw The Egg is out 4/1 via Friend Club/Totally Real.

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