Oceanator – “Bad Brain Daze”

Oceanator – “Bad Brain Daze”

Oceanator, one of the Best New Bands Of 2020, is back with news of a sophomore album, Nothing’s Ever Fine, the follow-up to their debut full-length Things I Never Said. The Elise Okusami-led project’s new album was co-produced by Bartees Strange, and its lead single “Bad Brain Daze” has a saxophone solo by Jeff Rosenstock and a music video directed by Chris Farren.

The track also boasts gang vocals from members of Long Neck, the Sonder Bombs, Bad Moves, Maneka, Late Bloomer, Alright, and more. “It’s a chorus of friends all going through it,” Okusami noted. “It felt nice to have that connection, even if it was pieced together with emails of files.”

“When Elise asked me to direct a music video for her, I thought ‘I don’t know how to do that!’, but I said ‘Yes! I know how to do that!’ and quietly panicked for the next 3 weeks,” Farren said in a statement — Farren recently released his own album, Death Don’t Wait (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack). “Luckily ‘how make music video’ yields tons of YouTube results. The video we came up with is a fantastical little day-in-the-life tale about anxiety, productivity, dread, and being horrifically ripped in half by cartoon animals.”

Watch and listen below.

01 “Morning”
02 “Nightmare Machine”
03 “The Last Summer”
04 “Beach Days (Alive Again)”
05 “Solar Flares”
06 “Post-Meridian”
07 “Stuck”
08 “From The Van”
09 “Bad Brain Daze”
10 “Summer Rain”
11 “Evening”

Nothing’s Ever Fine is out 4/8 via Polyvinyl. Pre-order it here.

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