Le Pain – “Is That How You Want Me To Feel?”

Le Pain – “Is That How You Want Me To Feel?”

Le Pain is a newer project led by Madeline Babuka Black (formerly of Yucky Duster) and her sister Olivia. Over the past year, they’ve released a string of singles — “Troisième Groupe,” “Obvious To You,” “Different Drum” — that are breezy and insistent, inspired by ’60s and ’70s pop songs. Today, they’re back with another new track, “Is That How You Want Me To Feel?,” which boasts a jangly and driving melody and a whole story about trying to move on after being cheated on. “If you wanted it so bad, so bad/ Why did I catch you with another man?/ Is that what you’re used to?” goes the song’s hook. “You picked up and moved far away/ Even took the cat I thought you wanted to stay/ I guess that’s what you’re used to.” Check it out below.

“Is That How You Want Me to Feel?” is out now via Lucky Buckeye Records.

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