Cave In – “New Reality”

Cave In – “New Reality”

Boston veterans Cave In have been through a number of different evolutions over the years, from trailblazing metalcore warriors to major-label alt-rock bellowers. In 2019, Cave In released their album Final Transmission; it was the last LP that they recorded with original bassist Caleb Scofield, who died in a car accident at the age of 39. Since that album’s release, Cave In frontman Stephen Brodsky has been busy with other things. He’s got the side projects Mutoid Man and Old Man Gloom, he regularly appears in Two Minutes To Late Night videos, and he was part of Converge’s 2021 album Bloodmoon: I. But Final Transmission won’t be the final Cave In album; they’ve got another one coming out this spring.

Cave In’s new LP is called Heavy Pendulum. It’ll be their first for Relapse Records and their first recorded with new bassist Nate Newton, also of Converge and Doomriders. Newton and Brodsky both play in Old Man Gloom together, and the new Cave In lineup recorded Heavy Pendulum with Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou producing.

“New Reality,” the first single and opening track from Heavy Pendulum, is a serious bottom-heavy ripper. The riffs churn violently, but the track also has big melodies and triumphant guitar-shredding. Nate Newton gets some great roaring in there. The song means business. In director Michael Gilday’s fun video for the track, the members of Cave In explore the equipment in Ballou’s studio and make an unexpected discovery. Check out the video and the new album’s tracklist below.

Here’s how Brodsky describes the new album in a press release:

Cave In’s been around for over 25 years now, and the time has come for an album that scales all of our creative peaks. Talk about a wild and weird ride! And here we are with Heavy Pendulum — it certainly feels like a remarkable event, given the erratic trajectory of our band. “New Reality” was always the lead-off track — that was pretty obvious during the writing process. New line-up, new label, new album… a new reality indeed, and it all adds up to a new lease on life for Cave In.

01 “New Reality”
02 “Blood Spiller”
03 “Floating Skulls”
04 “Heavy Pendulum”
05 “Pendulambient”
06 “Careless Offering”
07 “Blinded By A Blaze”
08 “Amaranthine”
09 “Searchers of Hell”
10 “Nightmare Eyes”
11 “Days of Nothing”
12 “Waiting For Love”
13 “Reckoning”
14 “Wavering Angel”

Heavy Pendulum is out 5/20 on Relapse.

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