Mach-Hommy Shares Three New Songs: Listen

Mach-Hommy Shares Three New Songs: Listen

Last year, the great New Jersey rap enigma Mach-Hommy released two albums, Pray For Haiti and Balens Cho (Hot Candles), and you could actually hear those albums on streaming services when the came out. This was not the way Mach-Hommy normally does things. Over the past few years, Mach-Hommy has treated most of his releases as precious commodities. He tends to keep them off of streaming services, selling them instead on his website for astronomical amounts of money. This year, Mach is back to paywalling his new music, but you can still hear some of it without dropping a car payment.

Earlier this year, Mach-Hommy released Dump Gawd: Triz Nathaniel, a four-song EP produced entirely by Conductor Williams. He’s selling that EP on his website for $222.22. Today, Mach released another EP that also costs $222.22. The new Dump Gawd: Triz Nathan also has four songs, and Mach-Hommy recorded all of them with producer Sadhu Gold, who’s best-known as a frequent Westside Gunn collaborator. This time, though, there’s a crucial difference. At least right now, you can hear three of those four songs on Mach-Hommy’s website.

Of the four songs from Dump Gawd: Triz Nathan, only the one called “The Astronomical Weight Of Massive Intellect” is off-limits to the cheapskates of the world. Three other songs are now playing on Mach’s website, and they’re all sounding really good this morning. The EP features verses from Mach-Hommy allies Tha God Fahim, Your Old Droog, and JuJu Gotti. You can hear those three songs here. If you feeling dropping $222.22 to own those songs, you can do that here.

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