SPEED – “Not That Nice”

SPEED – “Not That Nice”

It takes a certain sense of vision to write a truly great old-school beat-you-up hardcore song, and the members of the Sydney band SPEED have that vision. Australia’s punk and hardcore scenes have been on fire lately, and SPEED are right at the middle of all of that. The band released their demo in 2019 and followed it with a two-song flexi in 2020, and both of them kick ass. Today, SPEED have announced that they’ll release their new Gang Called Speed EP next month, and they’ve shared the excellently brutal new track “Not That Nice.”

“Not That Nice” is a proudly anthemic shit-stomper about standing up for yourself in a racist society: “We’re breaking through/ Set fire to a fucked up truth / Bite my tongue? They’re racist / My story ain’t told by fools.” The riffs are massive, and the gang-chant breakdown is a next-level climactic moment. In a press release, SPEED singer Jem describes the intent behind the song:

We wrote “Not That Nice” in reaction to the Asian hate crimes born from the pandemic. The sad stories of innocent, good civilians falling victim to racial violence. I found myself thinking, “This is someone’s grandma, grandpa, mum, dad, child…” Unfortunately, much of this stems from the often perverted portrayal of Asian stereotypes in the media. To be submissive, weak, passive, silent… to the scared and uneducated few, the sad reality is that this rhetoric translates to oppression and real-world violence.

So this song is simply about taking control of your own identity, writing your own narrative. I think the experience of misrepresentation is a common one for many. I feel privileged to live a life of confidence in speaking out and walking my own path… hopefully, this song in some way can empower others to feel a similar sense of courage.

The Jack Rudder-directed “Not That Nice” clip is a welcome reminder that rap music doesn’t have the market cornered on music videos where motherfuckers walk around looking cool and tough. Check out the clip and the Gang Called Speed tracklist below.

01 “Not That Nice”
02 “Another Toy”
03 “Move”
04 “Big Bite”
05 “Every Man For Themself”
06 “Know Your Foe”

The Gang Called Speed EP is out 6/24 on Flatspot Records/Last Ride Records. SPEED will make their American debut when they play LA’s Sound & Fury Festival in July.

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