Counterparts – “Unwavering Vow”

Counterparts – “Unwavering Vow”

It’s been a couple years since we’ve heard from the Hamilton, Ontario metalcore behemoth Counterparts, but they’re back today with details on a new album. It’s gonna be a while: A Eulogy For Those Still Here won’t drop until October. In the meantime we’ve got the video for lead single “Unwavering Vow,” a discordant, hard-smashing, sometimes majestic monster of a song. The verses are so brutal, and the chorus makes that brutality feel so catchy. Watch the video below.

01 “07/26/2020”
02 “Whispers Of Your Death”
03 “Bound To The Burn”
04 “Unwavering Vow”
05 “A Eulogy For Those Still Here”
06 “Skin Beneath A Scar”
07 “Sworn To Silence”
08 “What Mirrors Might Reflect”
09 “Soil II”
10 “Flesh To Fill Your Wounds”
11 “A Mass Grave Of Saints”

A Eulogy For Those Still Here is out 10/7 on New Damage.

Ben Ward

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