Watch Post Malone Go Day Drinking With Seth Meyers

Watch Post Malone Go Day Drinking With Seth Meyers

On Friday, Post Malone released his new album Twelve Carat Toothache. The promotional run continues this week, with Post releasing two bonus tracks on Monday night and then heading to late night to hang with Seth Meyers last night.

Twelve Carat Toothache has a song called “Love/Hate Letter To Alcohol,” so maybe that’s why Meyers decided to take Post day drinking. “Every once in a while — to relax, to let my hair down a bit — I like to go day drinking with one of my friends,” Meyers explains in an intro. That sets up a video of him and Post hitting up a Manhattan bar called the Waylon.

Now, despite introducing Post as one of his “oldest friends,” Meyers decides to play a sort of get-to-know-eachother game where Post has to answer questions about him, rather than doing a normal interview. Depending on how the answers go, shots are taken. In the next segment, Meyers makes some ungodly cocktails based on Post’s tattoos. They take a moment to plug Post’s rosé, and then there’s also more beer and shots tied to a celeb guessing game. Naturally, Post gives Meyers face tattoos.

There’s no way they drank most of those drinks, but they do actually seem a little buzzed by the end, which leads Meyers to convince Post to wrap it up by singing the Cheers theme song. (Sam Malone, Post Malone, they’re in a bar, etc.) Watch below.

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