Peach Fuzz – “Hey Dood”

Peach Fuzz – “Hey Dood”

After a flurry of solo releases including her debut album The Baby, its companion piece The Baby Reimagined, and the Scout EP, indie-rock singer-songwriter Samia has joined a new band called Peach Fuzz along with Raffaella, Sara L’Abriola aka Hank, and Victoria Zaro aka Ryann. Their debut EP Can Mary Dood The Moon? is coming in just a few weeks via Sylvan Esso’s Psychic Hotline label. It was produced by Sachi DiSerafino (Joy Again), Jake Luppen (Hippo Campus, Lupin) and Caleb Hinz (Baby Boys).

Peach Fuzz’s debut single, “Hey Dood,” is pitched as a Y2K-era pop homage, a truth borne out by the Bacardi reference in the first verse. But it’s got at least one foot in the post-genre morass that is modern indie-pop, which certainly fits with a line like “Do you like astrology or are you into comedy? Should we kiss?” The chorus is a pretty funny pickup line: “Hey dood, I feel like maybe you might know my cousin/ My bad, I knew you didn’t but I had to say something.”

Listen below.

01 “Hey Dood”
02 “Shaking The Can”
03 “I Saw The Moon”
04 “Mary’s Gone Crackers”

Can Mary Dood The Moon? is out 7/22 on Psychic Hotline.

Muriel Margaret

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