Men I Trust – “Hard To Let Go”

Men I Trust – “Hard To Let Go”

Less than a year ago, the woozy Montreal trio Men I Trust released Untourable Album, an LP that they recorded under lockdown, figuring that they’d never get to play the songs live. Since then, Men I Trust have done plenty of touring, which is one rare sign that at least some things are going right in the world. Today, the group has followed that album with what appears to be a one-off single.

The new Men I Trust song “Hard To Let Go” has a warm, spaced-out feeling to it. Over a slow and funky bassline, bandleader Emmanuelle Proulx sings in an icy croon that reminds me of Stereolab. At the song progresses, it taps into a cocktail-lounge jazz vein, with a couple of rich and smooth solos. Check it out below.

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