Fucked Up – “Strix”

Fucked Up – “Strix”

The great Toronto punk rock adventurers Fucked Up are on their own mystical journey. Last year, Fucked Up released the stunning four-part epic Year Of The Horse, a record that’ll technically appear in their discography as an EP even though it’s as long as a double album. This fall, Fucked Up will follow Year Of The Horse with a new 12″ EP called Oberon. They’ve just shared the early track “Strix,” and it rocks.

Oberon is named for the king of the fairies, as described in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and this feels like an indication that Fucked Up are not letting up with their heavy mythology. Today, they’ve shared the early track “Strix,” a track named for a mythic medieval bird that eats human flesh and that serves as a dark omen. The song is a pummeling noise-rock trudge with some seriously unhinged Jesus Lizard shit going on. It’s both punishing and awesome. Below, listen to “Strix” and check out the Oberon tracklist.

01 “Oberon”
02 “Strix”
03 “Mashhit”
04 “The Aquarium”

Oberon is out 10/7 on Tankcrimes.

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