Watch Silk Sonic Cover Papa Roach In Surprise Vegas Aftershow

Watch Silk Sonic Cover Papa Roach In Surprise Vegas Aftershow

Among the current generation of chart-topping pop artists, you might think that Silk Sonic, the Grammy-anointed duo of Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak, would be the least susceptible to nü-metal nostalgia. Silk Sonic’s whole thing is smooth ’70s-style good-time music, not losing your sight, losing your mind, wishing somebody would tell you you’re fine. But if you search hard enough, you might find evidence of Bruno Mars banging System Of A Down and Incubus, or of Anderson .Paak moshing at a sparsely attended hardcore show in Oxnard. So maybe it’s ultimately not that much of a surprise that the group, during a surprise pop-up aftershow Saturday night, took on Papa Roach’s immortal 2000 depression-rager “Last Resort.”

Right now, Silk Sonic are in the midst of a residency at Las Vegas’ Park MGM. After playing their set Sarurday night, they stopped by for a surprise set at the Barbershop, a Las Vegas club that’s owned by the same company as the Park MGM. (The Barbershop, which is in the Cosmopolitan, has styled itself as a barbershop and speakeasy, but it’s not 1927; we can call it a nightclub.) Fan-made videos tell us that Silk Sonic were in goofy/fun mode. Bruno Mars had a red solo cup. Anderson .Paak had a blonde wig. You can figure out the vibe from one second of shaky iPhone video.

In addition to the Papa Roach throwback, the crowd at the Barbershop also got Bruno Mars singing a buttery version of the Outfield’s “Your Love,” and it got the Silk Sonic live band playing along with a DJ set that included Clipse and Ja Rule. They also covered the Police’s “Roxanne.” In that context, “Last Resort” isn’t a yawp of desperation; it’s just another party song. Below, watch some fan-made videos of the festivities and, while you’re at it, check out the original “Last Resort” video.

I! Can’t! Go! On! Liv! Ing! This! Way!

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