Grimes Announces Plans To Get Vampire Teeth, Elf Ears

Grimes Announces Plans To Get Vampire Teeth, Elf Ears

I know what you’re thinking. You’re looking at that headline confused, like: “Doesn’t Grimes already have vampire teeth and elf ears?” The answer is no. She might’ve tried on fake vampire teeth at some point. She’s definitely tried on fake elf ears. But this is different. Grimes now says that she wants to get permanent surgical alterations that would give her vampire teeth and elf ears. She should do it! It would look cool!

On Twitter yesterday, Grimes talked a bit about the body modifications that she wants to make, and she asked for suggestions on who should help her with those modifications.

Grimes could just be playing around with the elf-ears idea, and it does seem like it would be a heavy operation, but she also seems like she’s very into it.

Grimes also says that she has “a full body tattoo plan in the works” and that “these next few years will be spent doing al my dream body mods.”

She’s also considering a face tattoo.

But Grimes is very clear that she will not get a nose job.

In those Twitter exchanges, Grimes also says that she hasn’t released any new music lately because of her recent “very fucked personal life explosion.” Who can relate?

Yesterday was also the day that Grimes appeared on the cover of Vogue China. In the accompanying profile, Grimes explained some of the deep lore that will go into her forthcoming projects:

Grimes has also been teasing a big collaboration with the Weeknd recently, and that song and video will apparently come out this summer.

Just a few days ago, Grimes appeared on TikTok star Bella Poarch’s song “No Man’s Land” after filming a fight scene in Poarch’s “Dolls” video.

UPDATE: Elon Musk chimes in…

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