Paramore Share Cryptic Launch Schedule, New Song Snippets

Paramore Share Cryptic Launch Schedule, New Song Snippets

Paramore have shared a cryptic launch schedule on their website and a new song snippet on Discord. This comes just a couple of days after the band members changed their profile pictures and wiped their official social-media profiles save for two images. At the moment, their website is basically blank, with only a list of September dates. The first date shows the launch of their new Discord channel, and yesterday’s date was labeled “wr0ng,” potentially teasing a new song title (or maybe they’re saying that fan guesses are wrong).

Well, as you probably saw, yesterday came and went with no new music, but Paramore did recently share a snippet of a new song on Discord, which you can check out below. Also notable: Paramore’s launch schedule lists 9/19 as “start spreading the news,” which is either indicative of an announcement or something regarding Frank Sinatra’s New York. Either way, a new chapter is coming.

Paramore’s last album was 2017’s After Laughter; recently, Hayley Williams has been using her podcast Everything Is Emo as a vehicle to discuss the band’s new music, describing how their “number one reference” is Bloc Party. Paramore are also going on tour in October.

Hear a song snippet below.

UPDATE: Here’s another…

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