Daniel Bachman – “Flood Stage” & “Inundation (The Blackout)”

Daniel Bachman – “Flood Stage” & “Inundation (The Blackout)”

In the past year or so, the Virginia guitarist Daniel Bachman has released a full-length, a covers album, and a short story collection that was accompanied by a 45-minute drone track. Today, Bachman is announcing his next project, an album called Almanac Behind (an anagram of his name) which is meant as an extended meditation on the insanity of climate change and our inability to course-correct. Lead single “Flood Stage / Inundation (The Blackout)” is built around a rainy field recording and some hypnotizing sound. Check it out below.

01 “Barometric Cascade (Signal Collapse)”
02 “8:35 PM KHB36 (After Course)”
03 “Bow Echo / Wall Cloud”
04 “Gust Front (The Waiting)”
05 “540 Supercell”
06 “10:17 PM KHB36 (The Warned Area)”
07 “Flood Stage”
08 “Inundation (The Blackout)”
09 “Wildfire (Smoke Over Old Rag)”
10 “Think Before You Breathe”
11 “3:24 AM KHB36 (When The World’s On Fire)”
12 “Daybreak (In The Awful Silence)”
13 “Grid Reactivation”
14 “Five Old Messages (MadCo Alert)”
15 “Recalibration / Normalization”

Almanac Behind is out 11/18 via Three Lobed Recordings.

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