Watch Blood Orange’s Elegantly Moody Fallon Performance

Watch Blood Orange’s Elegantly Moody Fallon Performance

In recent years, Devonté Hynes, otherwise known as Blood Orange, has been doing a whole lot of soundtrack work, and he also just opened Harry Styles’ 15-night run at Madison Square Garden. Last week, Hynes released the new Blood Orange EP Four Songs. Last night, Jimmy Fallon, a man who should really rethink his whole beard situation, welcomed Blood Orange onto The Tonight Show, and he performed one of those four songs.

On last night’s Tonight Show, Dev Hynes played the soft, delicate new song “Wish” while bathed in red light. Hynes went back and forth between keyboard and guitar, and he was backed up by keyboardist Tariq Al-Sabir. Three Hynes collaborators sang backup: Ian Isaiah, Liam Benzvi, and Eva Tolkin. It’s a very cool vibe-out kind of performance, and you can watch it below.

The Four Songs EP is out now on RCA.

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