Watch The Cure Debut New Songs “Alone” And “Endsong” At European Tour Opener

Watch The Cure Debut New Songs “Alone” And “Endsong” At European Tour Opener

The Cure kicked off their 2022 European tour in Latvia tonight, where they debuted two new songs and welcomed guitarist and keyboardist Perry Bamonte back into the band. (Bamonte played with the band from 1990 to 2005 and attended their Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame induction in 2019.) Playing at the Arēna Rīga, the Cure opened their set with a new song called “Alone.” They bookended the set with their last song (pre-encore) also being a debut titled “Endsong.”

Back in May, the Cure told NME how their “relentless” new album Songs Of A Lost World would be out before the tour. “We will be releasing a new album. I get fed up of saying this now! We will be playing from October and the new album will be out before then,” Robert Smith said at the time. We walked on [stage at the Ivors today] to a bit of new music, actually. Hopefully no one recorded it!” Well, since it’s October, the tour has begun, and there’s no new album at the moment, so it stands to reason that Songs From A Lost World has been delayed.

Watch the Cure debut “Alone” and “Endsong” below.

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