Ice Spice – “Bikini Bottom”

Ice Spice – “Bikini Bottom”

Anytime a New York rapper can come out of nowhere with a monster hit, it’s a beautiful thing. This past August, an adorable 22-year-old Bronx moppet named Ice Spice came out with “Munch (Feelin’ U),” a fizzy and divisive two-minute drill anthem in which she clowns some guy for being good for nothing except giving head. That song got on a whole lot of people’s nerves, but it was a hit. Ice Spice made fans out of stars like Drake and Cardi B, and the word “munch” entered the lexicon. Today, Ice Spice has come out with her follow-up.

Like “Munch,” Bikini Bottom is a two-minute drill track with a catchy hook and a whole lot of presence. Ice Spice raps in quick, darting little bursts, and even if she doesn’t perfectly enunciate every word, she still radiates charisma. Time will tell if “Bikini Bottom” prevents Ice Spice from falling into the one-hit wonder category, but on first listen, she might have something here. Below, listen to “Bikini Bottom” and catch up on the “Munch” video if you haven’t seen it yet.

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