Susanna Hoffs’ Music Biz Novel This Bird Has Flown Is Becoming A Movie

Susanna Hoffs’ Music Biz Novel This Bird Has Flown Is Becoming A Movie

Susanna Hoffs’ upcoming debut novel This Bird Has Flown will be adapted into a movie, according to Deadline. Hoffs’ book — a romcom that goes behind the scenes of the music industry — is currently set to come out on April 4 via Little, Brown and Company.

The producers will be Steve Hutensky, Sarah Harvey, Margaret Chernin, and Universal Pictures Senior Executive Vice President Erik Baiers. “As a lifelong fiction, film, and music junkie, writing the novel was the realization of a dream,” the Bangles singer said. “As I was writing This Bird Has Flown, songs provided the score; I visualized the action and unfolding dialogue as if I were watching a movie spring to life in my head. Getting to adapt the book for the screen is the cherry on top of this joyous experience.

“I’m also a long-time fan of Liza’s and Bruna’s work,” Hoffs added. “When my book-to-film agent, Sylvie Rabineau, shared a list of potential producers, I zeroed in on them, but they were listed separately. They loved the characters and frisson between them, the peek behind the curtain of a thirty-something female musician struggling to survive in that world. When they decided to collaborate on the film adaptation, and then Erik Baiers at Universal connected with the novel, too, I knew we had our ultimate dream team!”

Hoffs briefly alluded to her novel in a File interview last year, telling us about balancing Bangles requests with new, upcoming projects: “And I’ve written a novel, and a lot of things have been happening that you’ll know about soon probably more publicly, but I’m just one of those people who wakes up in the morning and I have a lot to do to create all these different pieces of content.”

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