Bruce Springsteen Addresses “Thunder Road” Lyric Debate, Taylor Swift Rumors On The Tonight Show

Bruce Springsteen Addresses “Thunder Road” Lyric Debate, Taylor Swift Rumors On The Tonight Show

Last week, Bruce Springsteen released his soul covers album Only The Strong Survive. Next year, he’ll head out on a massive stadium tour with the E Street Band. To promote both endeavors, Springsteen is going to be on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show for three straight nights — which, I mean, that’s dedication right there. The first of those shows was last night. You’re never going to believe this, but Jimmy Fallon did some gushing.

In his interview with Fallon, Bruce Springsteen described the process of rehearsing for E Street Band shows and his decision to record an album of soul covers, scrapping an entire LP before figuring out what he was doing. He also explained a bit about his individual cover choices, which was cool. There was also a whole section where Springsteen talked “myths” that Fallon brought up — things like misheard “Thunder Road” lyrics (it’s “Mary’s dress sways” — the original liner notes have a mistake) and whether the Carlton dance is based on the “Dancing In The Dark” video. I couldn’t make it through that whole bit — I’m only on this planet once — but I did make it to the bit where Springsteen talked about Taylor Swift.

Jimmy Fallon said that there’s a fan theory that Bruce Springsteen and Taylor Swift will pop up on each other’s stadium shows next year. I hadn’t heard that theory, which seems like a publicist-generated attempt to make people think they might pop up at each other’s shows. But Springsteen played along: “I will be — because my daughter is going to make sure — I will be at the Taylor Swift show. So I know that. And she’s welcome on E Street anytime.” (Springsteen also discussed Swift on Howard Stern and Australia’s The Project in recent weeks.) Springsteen also sang his version of Frank Wilson’s 1965 Northern soul classic “Do I Love You (Indeed I Do).” You can watch his performance and the Fallon interview below.

Only The Strong Survive is out now on Columbia.

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