Speed – “One Blood We Bleed”

Speed – “One Blood We Bleed”

The Baltimore/Brooklyn-based Flatspot Records is one of the best, most consistent labels on the hardcore landscape. Just in the past year, Flatspot has put out barnburner records from bands like End It, Scowl, Speed, and Zulu. Early next year, Flatspot will release its latest compilation in a series called The Extermination. That series as been dormant for a while; the last entry, The Extermination Volume III came out six years ago; it had bands like Terror, Take Offense, and Higher Power. The Extermination Volume IV has, if anything, an even wilder group of bands contributing.

The Chisel, End It, Buggin, Spy, Mutually Assured Destruction, and a bunch of other bands all have songs on The Extermination Volume IV. The comp’s opening track and first single is the latest thing from the Sydney band Speed. Speed released their monstrous Gang Called Speed EP earlier this year, and then they caused so much mayhem with their Sound And Fury set that they became a meme. The new Speed song is called “One Blood We Bleed,” and it’s an ass-kicker.

“One Blood We Bleed” is down-the-middle stomp-it-out metallic hardcore in the Trapped Under Ice mold. Speed play with so much swagger and ferocity, and “One Blood We Bleed” is the sort of gang-chant anthem that very few bands do quite this well. The video, directed by Alpha & Omega’s Luis Hernandez and Speed’s own Jem Slow, is awesome — a couple of long takes of Speed and friends moshing their way though streets and canyons. Below, watch the video and check out the tracklist for The Extermination Volume IV.

01 Speed – “One Blood We Bleed”
02 The Chisel – “Punisher”
03 Buggin – “Attitude”
04 Section H8 – “Unhinged”
05 Raw Brigade – “Keep On Running” (Crux Cover)
06 Jivebomb – “American Rule”
07 End It – “Familia Finito”
08 Spy – “Mob”
09 Law Of Power – “Nothing To Show”
10 Mutually Assured Destruction – “The Axeman’s Letter”
11 Choice To Make – “Tryin'”

The Extermination Volume IV is out 1/27 on Flatspot.

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