Weird Nightmare – “So Far Gone”

Weird Nightmare – “So Far Gone”

Earlier this year, Alex Edkins, frontman of the great Toronto noise-rock power trio METZ, unveiled his new solo project Weird Nightmare and released his self-titled debut album. Weird Nightmare’s music is considerably more tuneful than what Edkins does with METZ. It’s a muscular, gritty take on power-pop, and it rocks pretty hard in its own way.

Today, Alex Edkins has followed that Weird Nightmare album with a new standalone single called “So Far Gone.” Despite the title and the shared Toronto origins, the new song doesn’t appear to have anything to do with Drake. Instead, it’s a driving, hip-swinging rocker with a whole lot of Paul Westerberg in its frayed vocals. Check it out below.

“So Far Gone” is out now on Sub Pop.

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