koleżanka – “Slapstick”

koleżanka – “Slapstick”

When Kristina Moore (also of Foyer Red) released her latest koleżanka single “Canals Of Our City” last month, it seemed like the follow-up to last year’s debut album Place Is was close. Now we know exactly when it’s coming. Alone With The Sound The Mind Makes will be out in February on the venerable New Jersey indie label Bar/None.

Along with the album announcement comes new single “Slapstick,” about which Moore writes:

This song is an ode to the service industry and a lament on the lifestyle it cultivates for me. You’re required to adopt a breezy, welcoming demeanor that can suck the life out of you when life is tough and the last thing you want to do is talk to a stranger about a steak you can’t afford. I’ve been lucky enough lately to work in some places with pretty chill patrons, but I still get tables that make me feel as though they’re just waiting for me to fail, waiting for a way to reprimand someone about something arbitrary. Broadly too, the way the rich are rewarded for being rich while the poor are penalized for their lack of resources while the economy depends on cheap labor from those who lack resources is the cruelest joke.

Listen below.

01 “Koszmary”
02 “Mania”
03 “Slapstick”
04 “City Summer Sweat”
05 “Cheers!”
06 “Eye Contact”
07 “Canals Of Our City”
08 “A Body”
09 “Goliath”
10 “Saddle Up, Cowboy”
11 “River Rushing”

Alone With The Sound The Mind Makes is out 2/17 on Bar/None. koleżanka plays Alphaville in Brooklyn on 12/7.

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