Discreet – “King Heroin”

Discreet – “King Heroin”

Last year, members of Austin bands like Total Abuse, Skeleton, and Creepoid got together for a new project called Discreet. On their 2021 demo and their debut EP Dead Man’s Line, Discreet made a harsh, confrontational form of hardcore punk. Lyrically, the band is deep into the idea of self-destruction; their lyrics are all about addiction and violence and all the other forms of annihilation out there. Soon, we’ll get to hear what Discreet can do at album length.

Next month, in the stretch of the year when virtually no new music comes out, Discreet will release their full-length debut This Is Mine, and they’ve just shared the opening track “King Heroin.” It’s an intense midtempo stomp-lurch about devoting your entire life to a substance, letting it rule you completely: “King Heroin, god heroin, prince heroin, emperor heroin! Fuck me, kill me, shoot me, take me out!” It sounds nasty, and it’ll stick with you. Listen below.

This Is Mine is out 12/16 on Convulse Records.

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