Pure Bathing Culture – “2000 Miles” (The Pretenders Cover)

Pure Bathing Culture – “2000 Miles” (The Pretenders Cover)

Everyone’s got their Bandcamp Friday extracurriculars out today, including Portland duo Pure Bathing Culture, who’ve covered the Pretenders’ holiday tune “2000 Miles.” The band shared this statement about their new age-meets-new wave-meets-folk take on the track:

hi friends! happy holidays! we’re excited to share our cover of 2000 miles by one of our very favorite bands the pretenders! it was truly a joy to explore this song together.  

the holidays can be tough especially if you’ve lost someone or if you’re separated from loved ones, so this one goes out to anyone who’s going through a hard time right now. sometimes there’s magic to be found in the melancholy though…it’s been a rough year for us in a lot of ways but you all are our diamonds sparkling in the snow. thank you for being here with us! your support here at bandcamp truly makes a huge difference.

we love you all, thank you so much for listening to our music we love being here with you! ❄️✨❄️

I can hear people singing; it must be Christmas time. Listen below.

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