Foyer Red – “Etc”

Foyer Red – “Etc”

Brooklyn art-rock collective Foyer Red have been releasing a series of one-off singles since their debut EP, 2021’s Zigzag Wombat. Those were “Flipper,” “Pickles,” and September’s “Pollen City.” Well, now the group are celebrating being signed to Carpark Records with another new single: the offbeat and angular “Etc.”

“My character in ‘Etc’ finds themselves in a dysfunctional relationship in which gender informs internal struggles of power and control,” Elana Riordan says about the track, which is co-produced with Jonny Schenke. She adds:

Instead of addressing the problem they state it plainly while asking vague and broad questions about the nature of the world. Rather than seeking a new system they find ways to play into that system to ultimately get what they want in the short-term. Echoing the stark sonic changes in the song, Mitch’s character is on a different page entirely. Taking a note from Algorithms to Live By: The Computer Science of Human Decisions, they are fixated on the optimal stopping problems, seeking to maximize the reward of a great parking space and minimize the cost of distance from the front doors and time spent circling around holding out for a better spot. The syllables are so stiff and stressed at unnatural points in the last verse to exemplify how mechanical the whole process has been, where the character is in their head crunching data to guarantee satisfaction with the outcome.

Listen to “Etc.” below, and if you’re in the New York area, stop by Foyer Red’s signing announce party at Alphaville on Saturday.

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