Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best Comments

Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best Comments

It’s the last weekly Shut Up, Dude of the year, but come back tomorrow for the 50 best comments of 2022 countdown. Until then, here are your thoughts on Gwen Stefani and Courtney Love like it’s 1995.


Score: 16 | Dec 23rd

I’m pretty sure that when this song hit, I had no idea what the phrase “Hollaback Girl” meant. Actually, I’m not 100% sure I know today. But, this is a song that I heard pretty often back in 2005, so at least I wasn’t completely oblivious. Some things just kinda went over my head then, and probably still do!

Merry Christmas, TNOCS!

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Logan Taylor
Score: 17 | Dec 27th

I’ll say this about Courtney: She’s endlessly quotable. “loud girl Nick Cave with more Wings choruses” kinda threw me lol.

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Score: 17 | Dec 24th

First off, merry Christmas to all who celebrate, and happy winter holidays to everyone else here at TNOCS! I have no mt58-style gift to bring, but I’ll wrap up the year by joining the discussions and debates as usual.

I think we’ve started a tradition of the last Number One before Christmas being a song Tom hates, and I have to admit I’m not fond of this song. Like Tom, I still hate the subject of last year’s Christmas write-up more, and like Tom, I think a song like Mickey really works (I picture Mickey as an extended cheerleader routine followed by a high-five run down the field every time the chorus hits). But, man — this song is a bit of a cringefest. I had a very amusing experience not too long ago when I was working as a lifeguard at my local pool, and while a summer camp was bringing their kids to swim I heard “A FEW TIMES I’VE BEEN AROUND THAT TRACK” blaring out of the PA, realized that adults might not be pleased if kids were listening to it, and suggested to my colleague in the guard office that it be turned down. I have no regrets.

As for No Doubt’s other hits, I’m on board with those scores! (I actually don’t know Wind It Up, but I really hesitate to press play on only the fifth song ever to receive an incidental 1 from Tom.) I especially like that Tom was as kind as he was to Rich Girl, a song I’ve always enjoyed. Just a Girl is also a really good song — there’s a great needledrop of it in Captain Marvel, a movie I don’t really understand the hate for.

Most of all, though, I was really looking forward to Talk Talk showing up in some capacity in the column. Their original It’s My Life might be a 10 for me, and it’s my duty as a wildlife biologist to adore its music video.

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Score: 17 | Dec 23rd

The Australian perspective on Hollaback Girl is that we loved it, even though we didn’t know what Hollaback Girl meant, and made it a number 1. It was irritatingly huge at the time, and is significant for my spiel, because it is the first song since Yeah (10 songs ago, I think) to still get played today.

For me, this is one of those novelty songs you like the first few times, but it overstays its welcome very quickly.

Gwen Stefani was a big star in Australia. What You Waiting For deservedly was number 1, Rich Girl was top 10 and there was another hit after that. Her next album was big, too.

This will be my last post before Christmas, so I’d like to convey the usual best wishes for the season. I’ll be travelling all day tomorrow, and spending my Xmas in part of the 2% of Australia that my phone provider doesn’t cover. For those interested, the forecast is a max of 31 (about 85). Three years ago it was 41 (about 106). I understand from news reports that much of the US would probably swap weather with me. Take care, you guys.

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Sir Bkdv24 XXIV
Score: 18 | Dec 27th

Wait, a walking mythology? I thought she was a walking study in demonology?

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Logan Taylor
Score: 18 | Dec 23rd

Everyone have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Wonderful Winter, Festive Festivus, Joyous Kwanzaa and a Happy New Year!

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Score: 18 | Dec 23rd

Gwen. No Doubt. 1995 uncoolone went hard into the pop ska world. No Doubt might have been my second favorite band of that era (Mighty Mighty Bosstones are still one of my faves). I am a fan with a reservation of it is a bit irritating to hear some of her songs but I still like them. Just A Girl is a 10/10. Spiderwebs is an 8/10. Gwen’s Cool is a 9/10. Hey Baby is a 7/10. Hollaback Girl, the song that brought us here is 7/10. No Doubt and its members have lifetime passes from me.

Well my TNOC family we have made it to Christmas. Merry Christmas to all. Tom thank you for your hard work.

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Lee Chesnut
Score: 18 | Dec 23rd

While working on “The Voice”, I have interacted with Gwen Stefani a few times and I am pleased to report that she is every bit as kind, cool, and cheerful as you would imagine. Not a hint of diva attitude ever detected.

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Looney Joe
Score: 22 | Dec 24th

Lanez’s lawyer should never work a case again. The way he totally played into those hackneyed, outdated ideas of pitting women against women made me sick to my stomach. This whole thing turned a Black woman’s pain into a circus. Tory, George, Akademiks, Drake, and all the bloggers and other bottom-feeders who are both responsible for this and ensuring Black women are terrified to speak up about the horrific shit they’ve been through: shame on all of you. Strength to Megan, Meghan, and anyone else who’s brave enough to speak up about these horrible injustices. I have nothing new to add to any of this. I just…I don’t get it. Did he really just shoot her because she maybe mildly insulted him? Is he THAT fragile? Why the FUCK was that his first impulse?? This man needs help…

PS All the media outlets who were rolling around in the slop of the Depp/Heard trial while simultaneously bemoaning how women are pitted against each other? Fuck them too.

PPS I hope the remaining Migos kick Akademiks’ ass.

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Score: 24 | Dec 23rd

True story:

Yesterday, I drove to NYC, picked up my sister-in-law and her asshole pet French Bulldog, and brought them back here to DC.

This was our Christmas present to her: A chance to spend the holidays with family AND with that dog of hers for the first time in years.

The dog has already pooped four times and peed thrice in our house.

But that is not the story! The story is this:

On our way out of Manhattan, we stopped by a Jewish deli that my sister-in-law ordered some sandwiches from, as a token of gratitude.

The sandwiches were good, but we were almost to the Holland Tunnel before she noticed a small mistake: the tuna melt, which was supposed to be on pumpernickel, was on challah bread like the others.

I told her: “I’d tell you to go return it, but I know you ain’t no challah-back girl.”

I’d like to say that my line got a big reaction, but she either didn’t hear it or chose to ignore it. Probably the former, because her dog constantly makes a noise like an idling AMC Gremlin.

It’s gonna be a long week.

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Dec 23rd

“What You Waiting For” and “Cool” are SO much better than “Hollaback Girl.”

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