Sightless Pit Announce New Album Lockstep Bloodwar, Out This Month

Sightless Pit Announce New Album Lockstep Bloodwar, Out This Month

A few years ago, two giants in the field of experimental metal, Full Of Hell’s Dylan Walker and the Body’s Lee Buford, formed a band called Sightless Pit with Kristin Hayter, the tremendous talent behind the intense one-woman project Lingua Ignota. Sightless Pit released their debut album Grave Of A Dog early in 2020. A couple of months ago, Hayter announced that she’d retire the Lingua Ignota project early in 2023. Apparently, she’s not doing Sightless Pit anymore, either. But Sightless Pit is continuing without her, and they’re about to release a new album that looks fascinating.

Sightless Pit haven’t yet shared any new music from the new LP Lockstep Bloodwar, which is coming out later this month. According to the LP’s Bandcamp description, Sightless Pit is now the duo of Dylan Walker and Lee Buford; it appears that Kristin Hayter is no longer involved. In her place, though, Walker and Buford are working with a wide-ranging team of collaborators that includes Midwife, claire rousay, the Boredoms’ YoshimiO, former Gravediggaz rapper Frukwan, and the late Three 6 Mafia legend Gangsta Boo.

The Bandcamp page describes Lockstep Bloodwar as “a dub album composed by Buford and Walker with a sonic palette drawn from heavy music.” That could be cool, or it could be awful, but they’re definitely trying stuff. In a press release, Dylan Walker says, “Lockstep Bloodwar is the struggle to comprehend and come to terms with the fact that our lives are on a locked track, and the track is violent and painful. We have zero control over our lives on any kind of scale and even the simplest existence is a selfish and violent one.” Check out the album’s tracklist below.

01 “Resin On A Knife” (Feat. Midwife)
02 “Calcified Glass” (Feat. YoshimiO & Gangsta Boo)
03 “Flower To Tomb” (Feat. Lane Shi Otayonii)
04 “Lockstep Bloodwar”
05 “Low Orbit” (Feat. Frukwan & Industrial Hazard)
06 “False Epiphany” (Feat. claire rousay)
07 “Shiv” (Feat. Crownovhornz)
08 “Morning Of A Thousand Lights”
09 “Futilities” (Feat Foie Gras)

Lockstep Bloodwar is out 1/27 on Thrill Jockey.

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