Watch Tove Lo’s Theatrical Performance Of “Borderline” On Kimmel

Watch Tove Lo’s Theatrical Performance Of “Borderline” On Kimmel

Last year, the culty Swedish pop star Tove Lo self-released her album Dirt Femme. A few weeks ago, she followed that LP with “Borderline,” a banger of a new single that she co-wrote with Dua Lipa. Last night, Tove Lo was on Jimmy Kimmel Live to perform “Borderline,” which left Kimmel with the task of correctly pronouncing Tove Lo’s name. (It sounds like “Toovuh Loo,” and I knew that, but that’s still not how I say it in my head.)

On Kimmel, Tove Lo and a small three-piece band performed “Borderline.” Their stage was set up to look like a dream sequence in a movie: Dry-ice fog, fiberglass mountaintops, golden-hour desert on the screen behind her. But the performance wasn’t sleepy. Tove Lo always looks like she’s having a blast up onstage. Check it out below.

Before last night’s performance, Tove Lo went on Instagram and asked her fans to help her pick out what she’d wear on Kimmel. She modeled four different outfits, and the latexy third option was the winner. Tove Lo said that pick “feels like an homage to Sam Smith at the Brits, which I loved.”

“Borderline” and Dirt Femme are both out now on Tove Lo’s Pretty Swede label. Check out our We’ve Got A File On You interview with Tove Lo here.

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