Bad Blood – “716 Bust / Bad Blood”

Bad Blood – “716 Bust / Bad Blood”

Scott Vogel, longtime frontman for the LA hardcore institution Terror, has a new band on the side. Vogel is a Buffalo native, and he went back home to form the band Bad Blood with a bunch of members of the Buffalo scene: All three members of the oi stompers Violent Way, as well as Exhibition’s Greg Vinal. Together, these guys make fast, brutal, straight-ahead old-school hardcore.

Bad Blood’s debut EP The Bad Kind Decides is coming later this week, and we’ve already posted the early single “Apology Denied.” Today, Bad Blood have also shared the opening track, which doubles as the band’s theme song. (Anytime a hardcore band names a song after itself, an angel gets a new pair of wings.) “716 Bust / Bad Blood” is a riff-heavy intro that goes straight into a singalong sprint. Check it out below.

The Bad Kind Decides EP is out 3/31 on Flatspot Records.

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