“Emo Is Back” According To CBS News Report

“Emo Is Back” According To CBS News Report

CBS News ran a segment this morning about “The Return Of Emo Music,” interviewing Demi Lovato, Mod Sun, Landon Barker, and the founders of Emo Nite. “I grew up listening to this music, so I wanted to go back to my roots. Whether you’re going through depression, or you’re having fun with your friends, there’s so many emotions that’s in this music. I think that this generation is hungry for [an emo resurgence],” Lovato says about leaning into the genre on her latest album, 2022’s Holy Fvck.

Later Mod Sun talks about the “emo aesthetic,” adding, “Look at how people are dressing again. People are falling in love with this world that was created back then that wasn’t cool, and it’s embraced now.”

CBS also captures concert footage with Mod Sun and “frequent collaborator” Avril Lavigne, whom they call “emo scene queen.” (Agree to disagree with that qualifier?) CBS then conveniently leaves out how Mod Sun and Lavigne were engaged but called off the wedding in March. Lavigne is currently dating Tyga.

“Whether it’s angst, falling in love, or sadness, I’ve always just made music to be an inspiration to other people while also just doing what I love,” Lovato wraps up in the segment. “I don’t know what I’m going to write about on my next album because I’m so happy.” Love that for her.

Watch the full segment below.

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